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I can't say enough good things about Robert Hampton's Karate Academy. My daughter just adores taking classes with him because he helps the kids truly enjoy the experience of learning karate. Mr. Hampton is best described as tough but fair. He demands his students' best in everything they do but he always gives them his 100% every class. I would recommend any child (or adult) interested in learning karate check out Hampton's Karate first.

Angela Murphy

Our son has attended Hampton's Karate Academy for the last six years. During that time, Robert has earned our respect with his dedication to his students. The students also have a lot of fun and get lots of exercise while doing it too!

Melissa Morrison

Hampton's Karate Has been a wonderful experience for my son. Mr. Hampton not only teaches his students karate but he also reinforces important life skills/lessons such as respect, discipline, leadership and community. The principles taught at Hampton's Karate will not only protect my son but also take him far in everyday life.

Lindsey Fairman

Mr. Hampton is a really nice and fun instructor. He holds charity events and fund raisers around Christmas and Thanksgiving. Also, he holds free parties with games, snacks and drinks. I have really liked going through the belts with him.

Michael Glanzmann

Hamptons karate is very good with my daughter. Its teaching her self discipline and respect.

Jordon Bruce

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